This report summarizes the global aggregated findings of Jones Lang LaSalle's second Global Corporate Real Estate Survey. The research collection phase was concluded in December 2012.

The response to the Survey was unprecedented. Through a combination of online and telephone fieldwork, we received 636 survey responses from CRE executives spread across 39 countries. This represents a 24% increase in respondents from our 2011 survey and illustrates both the growing maturity of CRE, as well as the importance placed upon the future of the industry.

The respondent pool also reflects a broad cross section of the corporate community. Our base sample, as used within this report, covers 545 companies, each employing more than 1,000 people worldwide.

As evident from the figures herein, our survey responses were well balanced and reflective of the views of CRE leaders drawn from a diverse range of sectors, domicile and operational locations, as well as companies of varied size. Jones Lang LaSalle was supported by market survey experts Kadence International in collecting, compiling and segmenting the research data.


Jones Lang LaSalle Global Corporate Research Team

Dr Lee Elliott (Lead Author)
Head of Corporate Research, Europe, Middle East and Africa
Christian Beaudoin
Head of Corporate Research, Americas
Holly Yang
Regional Director of Corporate Research, Asia Pacific
Tom Carroll
Director of Corporate Research, Europe, Middle East and Africa


Jones Lang LaSalle gratefully acknowledges the assistance of those CRE professionals who participated in this survey.

We welcome any feedback on the published results to continue to improve future editions and make them as meaningful as possible for our readers. If you have any comments or would like to participate in future surveys, please email